Slowa Solovyov, Ph.D.


Education and Training:

Ph.D. in Solid State Physics,    Institute for Metal Physics, Kiev, Ukraine

M.S. in Applied Physics (summa cum laude), Institute for Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Research and Professional Experience:

2014 – presents, Consulting Scientist, BAH Holdings

2015 – present, Scientist, Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc.

2014 – present, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stony Brook University

1997 – 2016, Materials Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

1989 – 1997, Research Scientist, Kiev Institute for Metal Physics, Kiev, Ukraine


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  1. U.S. Patent # 6,794,339 “Synthesis of YBa2Cu3O7 using sub-atmospheric processing.”
  2. U.S. Patent #7,361,377 Fluorinated precursors of superconducting ceramics, and methods of making the same”.
  3. U.S. Patent#7,622,426 “Methods of controlling hydrogen fluoride pressure during chemical fabrication processes”.


r&d100-153px R&D 100 award, “Active superconducting fault current limiter”

U.S. patent application

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Synergistic activities:

  1. Editorial board member, Scientific Reports (Nature publishing group), since 2015.
  2. Conference organizer, Applied Superconductivity Conference, Portland, OR 2012.
  3. Conference organizer, Applied Superconductivity Conference, Charlotte, NC 2014.
  4. Conference session organizer, Spring Materials Research Society Meeting 2010.
  5. Session Chairman, Spring Materials Research Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA 2007, 2011.