Medical human breath analyzer

The CIPS technology has applicability as a medical diagnostic device. The device can accurately measure concentration of carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen and other gases in patient’s breath. The high selectivity and sensitivity of the CIPS core sets our device apart from the competition. The device can diagnose several gastroenterological conditions rapidly and reliably.

The instrument simultaneously measures 6 parameters of gas sample using 100-200 ml plastic bags :

  • Concentration of Methane (CH4) 0…100PPM
  • Concentration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0…10%
  • Concentration of Hydrogen (H2) 0…100PPM
  • Temperature of gas sample (T) 0… +45°C
  • Pressure of gas sample (P) 600… 800mmHg
  • Humidity of gas sample (T) 0… +90%


Human breath diagnostic device developed at BAH.

The CIPS selectivity and sensitivity characteristics are applicable to the following gases::

CH4                      Methane

CO2                     Carbon Dioxide

H2                        Hydrogen

O2                        Oxygen

NO                       Nitrogen Oxide

CO                       Carbon Monoxide

NH3                      Amonia