Welcome to PPC-BAH Holdings

Our mission:
To deliver world class innovative optical infrared gas sensing and imaging solutions

Since its inception in 2005, BAH Holdings, LLC’s (“BAH”) mission has been to research and  develop new gas optical detection technologies to specific client specifications and applications. for select markets. These new optical detectors utilize either our patented Correlation Interference Polarization Spectroscopy (”CIPS”) optical technology or are the result of newly patented technologies developed by our in-house scientists. Recently BAH acquired Power Photonic Corporation (“PPC”), thus adding narrow-band semiconductor synthesis to our core competencies. We are currently working on devices for the detection of numerous gases for safety, environmental, medical and homeland security applications. BAH is the parent of PPC, CIPS Technology, LLC, IR Environmental, LLC and BAH-Med, LLC.

 Our areas of expertise:Expertize

Natural gas leak detection                         Gas leak visualization                                   Instruments for gas analysis