Constantine D. Capetanopoulos


  1. City College of NY. Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering. Cum laude. 1960.
  2. Columbia University. Master’s of Electrical Engineering. 1962.
  3. New York University. Doctor’s of Engineering Science. 1965.


  1. Manhattan College, Assistant Professor of Engineering 1965- 1972. Awarded tenure 1971.   (Awarded NSF Grant, built and directed the Electro acoustics Laboratory).
  2. The New School for Social Research, Instructor of Mathematics, 1960-1975
  3. The New School of Social Research, Graduate Faculty, Adj. Professor of mathematical Economics 1975-1985.
  4. Advanced Acoustical Research Corp., Vice President 1970- 1974. (Designed and developed a line of sound level meters and octave band analyzers, Consultant in Noise and Vibration Control).
  5. Ecolotrol, Inc. Vice President 1974-present. (Responsible for the design of the company’s fluidized bed system for waste water treatment). Responsible for the company’s development of the CIPS and mid infrared LED technology.
  6. Energy Efficiency Systems, Inc. 1979-2000. Executive Vice President. (In charge of research and development, responsible for the design of the 842 series of combustion analyzers, the 2000 series of emissions analyzers and the 3000 series of integrated emissions systems).
  7. Enerac, Inc. 2000-2017. Vice president and a principal owner. Designed and developed the models 500 and 700 combustion/emissions analyzers.
  8. BAH Holdings, LLC. 2005 – present. Founder and managing member responsible for developing new products. Responsible for the first commercial CIPS methane analyzers sold to Con Edison.


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  5. Accuracy Considerations of Portable Electrochemical NOX Analyzers”, Proceedings of the AWMA, May 1996.


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  2. “Liquid Flow Distributor” US Patent #: 4,464,262, Aug. 1984
  3. “Electrochemical Gas Sensor Assembly” US Patent #: 5,560,810, Oct. 1996
  4. “Gas Sensing Assembly” US Patent #: 5,624,641, April 1997
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MEMBERSHIP (Past & Present):

  1. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.
  2. Sigma XI. Honor Research Society.
  3. Instrument Society of America.