Advanced technologies

Correlation Interference Polarization Spectroscopy (CIPS)

The BAH patented CIPS Technology is an optically based analytical technique that adds a new dimension to overcoming the deficiencies of conventional spectroscopic methods for gas detection. It is extremely accurate and selective, and opens up new opportunities which are not feasible using traditional optical methods.

Low Power Infrared (LPIR)

The BAH Combustible Gas LPIR device is unique in that it operates at extremely low power levels, yet provides stable, reproducible results. Because of its low power it can operate for extended periods, in varying environmental conditions, on a 3 volt battery. This makes it very attractive for safety applications.

Breath Analysis

There has been a growing interest in the analyzing of human breath as a medical diagnostic methodology. The discrete and selective characteristics of the cips technology in targeting specific gases, make it ideal for those applications where the profile of the gas is within the CIPS range.

Oxygen sensor

The detection of oxygen using optical methods or fluorescence is a recent development and one that offers many advantages. BAH is currently in final testing of our own solid state, fluorescence-based oxygen sensor. The advantage of our sensor (patent pending) is that it contains no hazardous materials, is non-depleting providing a much longer lifetime and uses very little power.

News and events

Low Power Infrared

March 4, 2014

BAH receives its second patent for optical absorption gas analyzer utilizing Low Power Infrared technology.

New BAH Holdings patents pending

March 21, 2012

BAH files a patent application for a new fluorescence-based oxygen sensor. The patent is expected to be granted in the 2nd Quarter 2014.

BAH Signs a License Agreement with Heath Consultants

November 21, 2005

BAH signs an exclusive license agreement with Heath Consultants to build and market a CIPS technology based instrument for detecting leaks from natural gas distribution, transmission, production, and gathering systems.